Save Comp As Project v2 单独导出comp为aep工程脚本

Save Comp As Project v2 单独导出comp为aep工程脚本 AE脚本-第1张

Save Comp As Project v2脚本可以将一个或者多个AE中的合成Comp单独导出成一个aep工程文件 。


Ever wanted to export one or more comp as a new project? Well now you can! Save Comp as Project allows you to export any comp (and even a bunch of comps) as a new project, in one, or separate folders, including file collection!

Added collect files, behind the curtain optimisations, bug fixes.
Fixed unsaved project bug.
Added versioning and destination folder options.

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兼容性:After Effects CCCS6, CC2014,CC2015,CC2015.3,CC2017,CC2018,CC2019,AE2020

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