3DEqualizer4 R4 摄像机跟踪反求软件破解版


3DEqualizer4 R4 摄像机跟踪反求软件破解版 软件-第1张


3DEqualizer 是一款专业的运动镜头跟踪软件,3D-Equalizer4通过高度精确的运动跟踪计算功能,独特且适应性强的用户界面,可使用户从任一实拍胶片中精确推算并重建出画面中的三维摄像机和物体原始运动轨迹。

3DEqualizer4 is by no doubt the world’s leading 3D tracking solution, for merging live action footage with digital visual effects. Since its introduction in 2009, it has taken the vfx community by storm. Up to now, five of the ten world leading post-production houses decided to acquire a facility-wide site license, making 3DEqualizer4 their major matchmove system: Double Negative, Prime Focus World, Cinesite, Weta Digital and MPC.Enterprise Matchmove Software.

3DEqualizer4 R4 摄像机跟踪反求软件破解版 软件-第2张 3DEqualizer4 R4 摄像机跟踪反求软件破解版 软件-第3张

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