Digital Vision Nucoda 2018.1.018 SP2 Win x64顶级电影调色系统下载


Digital Vision Nucoda 2018.1.018 SP2 Win x64顶级电影调色系统下载 软件-第1张

Digital Vision Nucoda 2018.1.018 SP2 Win x64顶级电影调色系统下载

Digital Vision Nucoda 2018.1.018 SP2色彩分级和母带制作解决方案已被用于全球众多知名的电影,广告,纪录片,音乐视频和电视节目。在Digital Vision,我们理解客户需要的不仅仅是领先的工具集,以创造复杂的外观增强。重要的是我们的解决方案需要使用多种摄像头和文件格式,允许协作工作流和提供完成的内容。用于不同的观看平台,包括立体3D。简而言之,Nucoda设计提供的不仅仅是色彩分级。Nucoda将创意工具集与Avid工作流程紧密集成,包括对Interplay的完全支持。以最高质量设置新标准,Nucoda是一个功能齐全的ACES分级系统,具有HDR分级和实时EXR文件格式支持。

Nucoda colour grading and mastering solutions have been used on many of the best known films, commercials, documentaries, music videos and television programs around the globe. At Digital Vision, we understand that our customers need more than just leading toolsets to create sophisticated look enhancements. More importantly our solutions need to work with multiple camera and file formats, allow for collaborative workflows and deliver finished content for different viewing platforms, including stereoscopic 3D. In a nutshell, Nucoda was designed to offer a lot more than just colour grading.

Nucoda combines a creative tool set with a very tight integration to the Avid workflow, including full support for Interplay. Setting new standards in the highest quality, Nucoda is a fully featured ACES grading system, featuring HDR grading and real time EXR file format support.

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